Opening day 2024 at Hickory will be January 20th

Opening day 2024 at Hickory will be January 20th

Take a deep breath, …….. now holler!

Opening day 2024 at Hickory will be January 20th

(unless we get a major rain storm.)

The T-Bar and Poma 1 will be spinning. Poma 2 is still tentative. The upper Mountain served by Poma 1 is tentative based on the current snow cover. We expect snow between now and the 20th, so we plan on Poma 1 being open to the top.

All mountain day lift tickets will be available for purchase beginning Tuesday, January 16th. You may purchase at a discount online or at the ticket counter the day of.

If you have purchased a season pass, you can pick it up at the ticket counter. Be sure to show your pass at the ticket counter to get your lift ticket for the day.

Please note that our public operating hours for this first weekend will be from 10 am to 4 pm. IndyPass and Hickory All Mountain Season pass holders have first-track privileges from 9-10 am.

We will be deciding in the coming days what the schedule for weekdays will be, depending on the availability of ski patrol. Three Sisters Café will be open during operating hours. We are working with the Thurman Connection Snowmobile Club on sponsoring a hill climb. While we had hoped to host in conjunction with their annual Blizzard Blast, that hasn’t worked out, so we’re looking at possibilities for later in March.

We still need three more patrollers and three more lift attendants in order to open for our full operating schedule. Refer anyone interested in being part of the Hickory crew to our e-mail:

Doug and Barry, our mountain crew, have worked hard to prepare the slopes, lifts, and lodge for opening. We are really grateful for their efforts. We would not be opening if it weren’t for their hard work.


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